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George McCoy Retires from HNC Board of Directors

June 2, 2017

At George's request, your visits, calls, emails and texts are best put off for the time being. He and Phil have much to do, and need some time undisturbed. Your warm thoughts and prayers are always welcome, of course. Please feel free to contact the HNC office for updates, and we're always happy to pass along your messages and well-wishes.

— Charlene Cowell
Executive Director

An Open Letter to the HNC Board of Directors and All Members

As you know I was recently elected to the HNC Board of Directors, for a term beginning July, 2017. It is with sadness and regret that I am writing to announce my resignation from this important post, effective immediately.

After a period of ill health, I have just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In the coming months Phil and I will be concentrating on the various challenges this diagnosis brings. We will continue to support HNC as best we can, but for now our focus will be elsewhere.

It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as a volunteer for HNC. I have met wonderful people through the Advocacy Committee, the Blood Brotherhood, and various ad hoc activities. I was looking forward to working with and learning from the Board of Directors.

My best wishes to you all. I hope you realize what a jewel you have in HNC, and will continue to deepen your commitment to the organization. HNC will become more important than ever against the background of shifts in health care insurance law and policy.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

George D. McCoy