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Sample Travel Letter from Treating Doctor

This is an example of a letter that you should carry from your treating doctor with information about your bleeding condition, any blood-borne viruses you may have, and the usual treatment you receive. This letter should, if possible, be in the language of the country being visited. You may not always be able to treat yourself, so this information is important.

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: [Patient’s Name]

This patient has a blood disorder called [Name of Bleeding Disorder] indicating a deficiency [and/or malfunction] of [Factor]. [She/He] is well known to me. If internal or external bleeding occurs, the patient responds well to early self-infused transfusions of anti-hemophilic factor plasma or recombinant concentrates. [Patient’s Name]’s judgement as to when plasma products should be used and as to the quantity may be relied upon.

Yours truly,

[Doctor’s Signature]
[Doctor’s Name & Position]


This sample letter was developed by the World Federation of Hemophilia, and have been reproduced here for your convenience. Be sure to check the WFH web site for additional information.

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